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Top 25 Hip-Hop Projects of 2017

December 27, 2017

This episode is the second annual "Greatest Hip-Hop projects of the year!" This year the list has expanded to 25 because this year has been one of the best year's in the history of this genre with a ton of great releases. This list will include mixtapes, EP's, and of course albums. Just like last year I discuss every album's ranking and give my favorite tracks off the project. This podcast is a good way to find out everything you may have missed this year. Feel free to give me your thoughts on my list by contacting me on twitter!

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Here's the list!


  1. Damn
  2. 4:44
  3. Laila’s Wisdom
  4. No Dope On Sunday’s
  5. I Decided
  6. Pretty Girls Like Trap Music
  7. I4Eva is a Mighty Long Time
  8. No One Really Ever Dies
  9. 508-507-2209
  10. Bar Exam 4
  11. The Iceberg
  12. All Amerikkkan Badass
  13. Radio Silence
  14. Rather You Than Me
  15. RTJ3
  16. Flower Boy
  17. Luv is Rage 2
  18. Pressure
  19. Future
  20. Nightmare on Elm Street
  21. Mumble Rap
  22. Culture
  23. Big Fish Theory
  24. Wu Tang: The Saga Continues
  25. 8