A Hip-Hop Podcast By Conner Ennis and Chris Platte To Be Named Later Ep. 3

October 20, 2017

This is the third episode of a new hip hop podcast series (To be named later) by Conner Ennis of Kick Back Hip Hop and myself, Chris Platte of Strictly Hip-Hop and Strictly Hoop Talk. In this episode’s news segment we discuss Eminem’s controversial cypher, Chuck D’s Hip Hop book and more For this week’s interview, we sit down to have an amazing conversation with one of the pioneers of the hip hop podcast game, Will Gill and Vonte the Pro of the Hip Hop Review Podcast! The two talk about the creation of the podcast, what it’s like to be in the music critic section of the industry, how the podcast has evolved, what’s the future and lastly, Vonte the Pro states his allegiance to OVO! All of this plus we answer the questions submitted by fans! 

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